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Nov 8, 2013 | I am currently moving my commercial operations to my Silver Dory Productions setup - so the various glen ryanglen ryan natural light, and glen ryan design operations and projects will all be administered under the Silver Dory banner moving forward. This is really just a business name change - my previous ABN, payment and contact details details all remain the same.

booking & scheduling

The only real change to note at this point is that booking & scheduling details are now updated on the Silver Dory sitesilver dory productions | booking & scheduling

brindabellas | coming in 2014

NEW | brindabellas

This is the main project I am working on at the moment - shooting stills and motion of the Brindabellas to the west of Canberra. There will be a collection of prints and a short film coming out of this project in 2014 - details and dates will be finalised soon.

But in the meantime there are usually some snippets of news, sample frames, BTS and grautuitous rig shots popping up on the web in a couple of places. So maybe check out the following links if you are playing along at home :)

Tumblr | range of BTS shots and other pictures of stuff going on/down | more
Facebook | as above but on Facebook .. might include other random musings | more
Google + | mostly pictures - but that's what you're probably after - right? | more

There will also be a heap of stuff about this project on the Silver Dory website (Facebook and Twitter) shortly.

karst country

karst country

In 2014 there will be an updated and extended Karst Country piece released as part of the Brindabellas launch. This verison will be available for purchase in several different forms - more details to follow.

Note: Pretty much everything else that used to be on this site is now over on the Silver Dory sitesilver dory productions | website

new brindabellas prints
available soon

note: print details to be finalised and
announced shortly

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